Building Our House

Looking at our house, I say it to myself over and over : "This is my great work".
8 month full off stress, excitements, arguments, endless trip to the material shops, long list of billings and payments.
Many times I wonder how to do it right, but I keep on trying until I get it right.
It has been almost 2 years, life was full then, not many moments in the day are available to just think quietly. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD.
It's good because I know I wouldn't have it any other way. I am building much more than just a house. I am building a loving home where my family can find a refuge from the heat or better yet from the rain, the sad, the bad and the hurt.
A place where I want my loves one to come to feel safe, loved, needed and adored.
YES, THIS IS MY GREAT WORK. The hours are long and I am tired more often than not.
But what I am building is worth more than anything the world can offer. It is something great, something strong. something lasting and something lasting and it will stand when all else is gone. Because our house is build on love. More than enough unconditional love for my family.


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