Happiness comes from within

The other day, I said to myself "I have not feel this HAPPY for sometime".
Joy, relieved, satisfied, proud, sad, anger, confused..Those feelings I can recall experiencing easily..But, what is happiness?

When was the last time I feel HAPPY? SIMPLE-PURE-TRUE HAPPY?

I tried to remember the PURE HAPPY moments in my life..
The moment I give birth to my daughter, the moment when a certain someone kiss me on my forehead (that kiss makes me realize that he sincerely care for me and it's worth letting myself falling in love with him), the moments I makes my parent smile with proud, the moments my daughter give me a hug from behind and say "I love you, mama", the moment I feel a tug on my skirt from my daughter and see her looking at me with her puppy eyes, the moments I know there's no other person I rather spend my time with than that certain person sitting next to me, the moment my sister found her happiness.. Happy moments..It is that specific moment when we feel HAPPY.

Speaking for my selves, HAPPINESS cannot come from without. It comes from within. It is NOT what or who I see and touch or that which others do for me which makes me in a HAPPY stage; it is that which I THINK and FEEL and DO, first for the other fellow and then for my selves.
So, I could not say someone makes me HAPPY, cause what I think of that person, how I feel about that person, the things I do for that person is what makes me HAPPY.
Same thing goes with my relationship with GOD. I am happy when I feel loved unconditionally like the unquestionable God’s love to me.
When I am not obligated to do a certain things or give the same amount of love in order to feel loved.
But the things I do for GOD or anyone is simply because of my love.
And that's what happiness really is for me..


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