Letter to Andi

As I did something terribly wrong the other day.
I know sorry is not good enough.
Promise is so yesterday.

I am a kind of person that have talent in unspeakable words.
And the worse kind when I have to be face to face.
These words just jumping around and I have no control to re-read it and edit or re-editing it.
It will be a disaster..

So here I am trying to speak the unspeakable when you standing in front of me.

Why don’t we both try just to see where it will lead and find out if captivity is what it takes to be freed.
Free to do just what we wish and still have someone to care, and to spend most of our time with the one who always shares.
Free to say just what we think and to know that it has meaning to the one that we are with
And on whom we are leaning.
Free to know we can get mad and still will stay together. And that through all the trials we can both lace and leather.
Free to have a total trust in the one that we are seeing and to always be close to the one we are also freeing.
Free to know our type of love will always have the room to grow and while at times it will be fast at others it will be slow.
So why don’t once again we both try and see where it will lead us this time and find out once again if captivity is what it takes to be freed.

April 20th 2009.


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