Farewell my King..

"You are not alone, I am here with you..though we're far apart, you always in my heart.."

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Tik tik tik.. Air mata menetes dari mata ku..
WHAT? I am a fan of MJ "The King of Pop"...I'm also a fan of Elvis "The King of Rock and Roll", Andi Warhol "The King of Pop Art", Rhoma Irama "The King of DangDut" and all the other King who earn their King title. NOT those who's born with it..
MJ, a great talent, a kind heart who lived a lonely life & a very sad childhood is leaving his performing stage forever. A person who's always misunderstood. But who could blame his eccentricity? Knowing how hard his childhood life was? He maybe doesn't turn out handsome from his plastic surgeries. But for sure he have the most beautiful heart that doesn't need any touch up at all.
MJ will always remembered as The King! "The King of Neverland", "The Pop King of This Universe" (Please remind me if there's any other Pop King besides MJ). Most importantly, He will be remembered as The King with a kind and gentle heart..

MJ, though we're far apart, you will always be in my heart.. Rest in Peace..

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