Hongkong Disneyland Trip Part 1 December 2007 "Travel in style"

Ini perjalanan ke 2 ke Hongkong. Tahun 1995 dulu sudah pernah ke Hongkong. Berhubung ter"kena" Monsoon skala 7, waktu itu gak sempat jalan-jalan sightseeing yang bener. Cuma ke shopping center dan makan. Seingat saya, barang-barang di Hongkong waktu itu juga gak terlalu murah. Atau karena masih berharap uang saku dari orang tua jadi waktu itu semua berasa mahal? Hehehe..
Setelah 7 tahun, dengan status seorang istri dan ibu. Lain banget rasa nya trip ke Hongkong kali ini.
Usaha untuk dapat paket Disneyland dengan penerbangan Cathay Pacific berbuah NOL. Semua seat sudah tidak tersedia. Lagian, seperti biasa gak pernah merencanakan perjalanan jauh hari sebelumnya. Belum lagi HNP lagi "Hot-Hot" nya..

20 Desember 2007. Day 1: Bermodal nekad dan pain killer segerobak, berangkat juga naik Cathay Pacific CX 718. Jam keberangkatan 09:15 pagi. Seat 52 A,B,C.
Not like most people who's travelling to Hong Kong for shopping, We have decided that this trip we wanted to try nice hotels and travel easy. Considering my back problem.

Sampai di Hongkong langsung menuju Hotel JIA,

JIA Hong Kong

1-5 Irving Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Jia is Hong Kong’s first boutique hotel, and, surprisingly, the first in Asia for celebrity designer Philippe Starck—who, one presumes, was too busy opening hotels on three other continents to have got round to Asia any sooner. And though it’s a boutique, it’s anything but fluff; when the competition consists of prim old colonial hotels, an upstart, however flashy, must offer something of substance.

In fact to measure this hotel against other boutiques would be apples and oranges; these are serviced apartments, with reasonably equipped kitchens, complete with sexy (though unfortunately named) Smeg appliances, and the thoughtful convenience of dining-room tables. Of course the prevailing tone is white, but teak floors and golden yellow overtones make the decor more livable, long-term, than the average theatrical Starck hotel room.

Happy banget di hotel ini, lebih mirip apartement full service. Karena saya penggemar Philippe Starck, jadi terkesan banget sama design dan interior design nya.

Sayang nya HNP lagi kumat, walaupun sudah negak pain killer dan hot patch alias koyo udah ditempel di mana-mana tapi gak membantu.. Hik hik..

21 Desember 2007. Day 2: Setelah sarapan pagi dengan taxi maxi seperti yang di singapore, Toyota Alphard menuju Lantau Island, Disneyland Resort Hongkong. Biaya taxi HK$500. (Waduh, setelah kemarin browsing ternyata bisa naik MTR. Yaaaaah!!! Maklum, baru pertama kali berangkat sendiri ke Hongkong, gak kepikiran browsing waktu itu, cari gampang nya aja yang ternyata costly banget!!) Online booking Disneyland Resort "Stay and Play for 2 days".

Zahra super duper happy sesampainya di Disneyland Resort. Laper..Laper..Langsung makan dulu di coffee shop nya. Aduh! Si Andi! Udah nyampe Hongkong tetep aja yang dipesan NASI GORENG.. Banyak banget kegiatan buat anak2 di Disneyland Resort ini, ada story telling, games, video time, dll.

Setelah istirahat sebentar di kamar yang super cute.. Even I love it!! Langsung naik shuttle ke Disneyland Park.

It is true that kids loooooves Disneyland.. And we have to admitted, there's kids in every adult. Maybe I have more of "kids part" in me than my "adult part"..

I've been to Disneyland Anaheim, USA and Tokyo Disneyland before. I have to say Hong Kong Disneyland is more suitable for kids under 12 years old. The game is not that challenging, but still..It is fun being a kid under 12 years old. I L-O-V-E being a kid.

22 Desember 2007. Day 3: We booked The Victorian themed Enchanted Garden breakfast buffet when we were checking in to the Resort. (I should have done it through the internet, there's discount if we do that. I highly recommend this buffet breakfast to anyone planning to stay at the Resort. It is FUN FUN FUN.. All the Disney character will come to your table and you will have the chance to take photos with them. And it was a wonderful christmast time in Hong Kong. The decorations, the ambiance (turn out not only Bali and Europe have an unforgettable ambiance, Disneyland sure is unforgettable!!)

Heading down to Disneyland Park AGAIN since we got a free one day pass if we stay at the Resort. Zahra just can't get enough of Disneyland Park. (Psssttt...Me too..)

There's a great thing about Disneyland Resort, they give you a late check out time even if you don't ask for it.. One more thing! We accidently left Zahra's blanky and realize about it after we left, so I call the resort and they say that they will send it back to jakarta.. And THEY DID!! (4 jempol buat Disneyland Resort!!)

So we get ourselves into the same Maxi Cab (Stupid-Stupid) and check ourselves in to THE PENINSULA.

It is expensive to stay there, but I have to say : "One's deserve a treat to one's self once in a while. One's only live once!!"

Staying at the Deluxe Room with a Harbour View. The room is huge, the bed is soft, the bath room and the amenities is wonderful the staff is friendly and helpful. And we got a Peninsula Bear and a chocolate bar as a treat for Zahra. (I did inform the hotel that I will be traveling with a kid when I make my online booking. So, remember to take advantage of that when you make your booking).

23 December 2007. Day 4: We tried the Verandah buffet, yumm yumm. I love it that this hotel take effort to little details to everything.

Christmas Carols in my ears, such a wonderful time of the year. Again, ambiance..ambiance.. It is wonderful to travel with a style. I wish I can do this more in my life. (Keep on wishing..)

24 December 2007. Day 5: There's an incident during our stay at the hotel which I wouldn't explain here since the hotel take a great deal of effort to settle it with us. At the end the hotel offer a free Rolls Royce Airport transfer (This should cost HK$ 1200 and I did feel like a billionaire for once! It's not my 1st time on a Rolls, my tai tai singapore clients used to pick me up with one of her Rolls but this time it sure feel different. hahaha..) and dinner at one of their restaurant of our choice.

It is time to head back home. Back to reality.. As much as I love my "Travel in style holiday time", I love my reality even more. My home sweet home, my bed, my routines, my wake up alarm every 4am, my clients, my family. Money can buy me first class hotel, expensive bags and shoes and much more. I wouldn't say NO to it. But it is more wonderful since I know for sure that I earn this trip and anything I own with hard work... Thank you GOD for everything in me. Alhamdulillah..

Planning another Hong Kong trip, will share more tips..


Anonymous said…
Hi... just happen to cross your site...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!
Ina Madjidhan said…
Thank's for dropping by, minako...Yup..Take lots of photos. Thank's for your info on www.disneycloth.cwahi.net...
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