Look what I've become..

"WHAT EVER YOU HOLD IN YOUR MIND WILL TEND TO OCCUR IN YOUR LIFE... If you want different result in your life all you have to do is change your mind."

I get that quote long time ago. And been living my life by it.. At least thats what I thought. Until tonight, when my dear husband mention lightly "You sounded just like that person".. WHAAAAT?? This "that person" is someone I've been trying very hard not to "become like"!!! And look what I've become?

That one sentence my husband said was really a wake up call for me. Could it be? Maybe because I was constantly reminding myself NOT to become like that person, and I end up constantly thinking about that person and without me realizing it I have made myself just like that person..

Tragic.. Stupid.. And more Stupid..

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