"Sabar, mam.." : "Patience, mother.."
The only words that came out from my "ussualy big" mouth when my mother is having one of her attack.
"Am I not patience all of this time? Having 3 cancer and surviving it all?" She asked.

Yes!! My mother is a very patience lady.
She is one of a kind. Extraordinary person.
She fight 3 cancer in her life and came out as a winner from those three battle.
She is a survivor, she keep going no matter how hard the going is.
She never lose her faith : something good always show up after the worse.
That is patience. To keep going with life no matter what is GOD's decision on you and belive that GOD is preparing you for something better and greater and always be thankful.

"Sabar, mam.." : "Patience, mother.."
Again, I said it to my mom yesterday afternoon when she's having another attack.

This is another battle, mother. A different kind of battle.
Cause when Doctors already make it clear that there is nothing wrong with your medical statistics this time around.
There's no more scan or lab test they can do to you..
There's no Cancer or disease to fight with.
It is the battle with yourself that you are fighting now.
And you have to come out as a winner too.

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