A slap in my head! Just what I needed.

I have a friend, a special one. This friend of mine, she's not my best friend. We hardly see each other but she's always there on my YM list. She's a kind of friend who doesn't do sweet talking. But always manage to slap me hard whenever I needed a wake up call back to reality. And then she's gone again, until I needed another slap on my head. Just like a fairy god mother she magically appear..Not with fairy dust or sparkly star, but with a BUZZ or a PING on my Blackberry. For once in my life I realize how thankful I am to have a friend like her. A kind of friend who slap me hard in my head once in a while.

" I need to cry,now.." I typed while tears start bursting from my eyes. " You do that. Take your time and snap out off it soon. Your Mom needs you. " She replied.

I blink my eyes and looked again on my blackberry screen. I can't believe what I'm reading. Did she really just said that?

Thank You God, for creating someone out off ordinary. She's what I called extraordinary.
Thank You Pops, for being you.


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