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Truth to hard to handle

What will You remember of me when I die? My flaws? My straight to the point questions? My Lies? My honest comments?
I am far from what they called "Good Person".
It is the truth.
You can tell from how few people I can called my friends.
It is the truth.
5.... Maybe 5 friends will come to my funeral. I can't recall anyone else.
It is the truth.
I have a daughter. My only child. The only person that loves me as I am.
She see my flaws as if it's the best thing could happen to me.
My lies has always a "White Lies" to her.
She hear my straight to the point questions as "As it is" questions.
She longed for my honest comments in everything.
Because it is the truth.
So tonight I pray to GOD. "Please, makes her understand that most of the time people can not handle the truth. Please don't let her become like me. I wanted her to enjoy life. Not alone. But with friends. People who will hold her together when times get rough. I never wanted her to feel lon…

Damaged Good

Pernah liat tanda "Damaged Good" di box nyempil paling belakang di toko atau departement store? "Barang Cacat" kira-kira bahasa indonesia nya. Gak perduli cacat SEDIKIT atau KEBANGETAN. Damaged Good is DAMAGED. Walaupun sudah di marked down alias di sale, tidak semua orang bisa melihat nya dengan semestinya.
Kebanyakan orang sudah skeptis sama segala sesuatu yang di beri label Damaged Good. It becomes worthless. Unwanted. Even for free. Banyak yang merasa terhina kalau dapat lungsuran barang tapi udah DAMAGED. "Yang udah cacat gini sih gue juga bisa beli sendiri!"
But my sister, she's someone who always can see the good in DAMAGED GOOD. She's a treasure hunter. As she always told me "Someone else's garbage could be other people treasure, Ina."
Aku biasa nya mangut-mangut sok ngerti. Sampai akhirnya aku menyadari aku pun si Damaged Good itu...
There's no shine on me anymore, I am broken in many places, I am damaged in any way possibl…