Kindly Help, O negative Platelet Apheresis Blood Donor Needed For Mr. Hary. Cancer Patient

Dear Friends,
My name is Ina Madjidhan, and I am a volunteer for blood donor from
Right now we are looking for someone who's willing to donate Platelet Apheresis Blood Donor type O negative for Mr Hary, a Lung Cancer Patient in Siloam Hospital Jakarta.
As we all know, type O negative blood is very rare in Indonesia, if by chance you are a person with O negative blood type and willing to donate your blood, kindly contact me : bb pin :21847C22 | mobile: 087880360060 | emai:

If you are not, kindly pass on this message and send out a prayer so someone with O negative blood type will get this message and help.

Ina Madjidhan.
Jakarta,February 22nd 2012


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