Children are not butterflies.. They are frogs..Take only a KISS to bring out the best in them..

OTW 2 Sayap Ibu with my 9 years old Zahra.. Always feel butterfly in my stomach knowing Nurul will greet me loudly "Ibu Inaaaaa" or Surya tugging my clothes asking about the computer game he can't have.
Discipline apply even to disable kids. We do not want them to grow up out from pity.
Because of their disabilities, they have to work extra hard to survive this world..
And the world is not as kind as before.
That's why we have to be firm yet loving.

There's a say : Children are like butterfly, they will grow in their own time, different and beautiful in their own way..

I say : Children are like frog prince or princess, they just need a ‎​kiss to bring out the best of them. They don't need to be different or beautiful.. They just need to be kind, and GOD will take care of the rest.

A ‎​kiss, a touch, a gentle stroke to let them know that there's people who care about their being.. That's what we are sharing.. Let's #BERBAGI ,people!!
You can find me at Sayap Ibu Bintaro from 11.30 am today, Sunday March 18th 2012. Care to join me?

Ina Madjidhan


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