Four killed as powerful storm hits Japan. The biggest storm since 1959 hit Tokyo yesterday and I was stuck on a JR cart for 8 hours for it.

Tokyo, April 4th 2012.
We were stuck for 8 hours inside Japan Railway cart yesterday.. A storm with Sustained winds of 90 kilometers per hour hit Tokyo, it was the strongest since 1959.
They say it's very unusual for Tokyo to have such strong winds when there's not a typhoon.
The nation's two largest airlines, canceled nearly 300 flights, stranding more than 32,000 passengers.
Both airlines warned that international services may also be disrupted.

Klik here for detail:

We were going back to Tokyo from Disneyland, it is already suspicious when the ticket counter guy crossing his hand and shout out Japanese words to me.. That usually signal for NO.. But what do I know?? A simple Konichiwa or Gosenmasai I might understand. But not what he was saying..

And there we are.. I found myself sitting quietly and calmly for 5 hours..
Yes.. Calmly.. So is my 9 year old daughter. With all due respect for Japan people, I cant understand how acceptance they are to any situation. I respect their nationalism and politeness, but it is so frustrating for how rare it is to find Japanese who can speak english in this wonderful country.
Hello!!! Visit Indonesia and you will jaw dropping when you find many Indonesian who can speak fluent English..

I was asking around to people who's in the same cart with me.. "What's going on? When will this train start moving? What's your name? Why can't you speak english?? Damn you!!"

Everybody was politely shakes their head and smile so cute like a manga character. I love it!! Kawai!! We still communicating : body language, sign language, face expressions, etc.

Time flies, 8 hour passing by, I make a lot of new friends.
An old lady so nice. She was very touchy, in a nice way.
A 19 year old boy who finally told us that he is a Disneysea cast member. 'It's a secret. You are my friend.' He whispered. He just so funny I almost pinch his cheek. Keep on giving me thumb up every time I told him something good. And he will make a crying face when the announcement saying we still have to wait.. (-̩̩̩-͡ ̗--̩̩̩͡ )
There's this middle age man who've been to Jakarta. And he can say 'Tidak masalah' and 'Terima Kasih'. That's about it.

The couple from Hong Kong.
A family of 5 from Taiwan and there's many more..

I guess spending 8 hours in the same cart of train does creates this bonding of togetherness.

We say goodbye.*again with kawai face mode ON* "You are my friend."

Damn!! Forgot to ask their name or email address.. *banging my head to the wall*
Knowing their name or not, they are my friend. Cause having a bad company for that 8 hours of my life will be 8 hours of living hell.. Thanks for being a good company..
Arigato.. Jumping Kawai Style.. Tuuuing tuiiing.

Ina Madjidhan


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