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Memantaskan diri sendiri. #dresscode #BERBAGI

Saat ini nge-trend acara mencantumkan dress-code.. Jadilah peserta memenuhi kode berpakaian agar masuk dalam lingkungan tersebut.
Tapi bagaimana dengan dress code saat kita menghadapkan wajah kita pada TUHAN?

Perhatikan baju kita dibalik sarung atau mukena.. *ngintip ke dalam mukena*baju belel seadanya*
Inilah dia satu bentuk 'kepantasan' yang sering sekali kita lalaikan.
Dengan alibi,"itu hanya baju 'daleman' yg akan ditutupi pakaian sholat."

Apa sih ukuran kepantasan diri sendiri?

Jika di rumah baju belel... Mau arisan baju warna warni sesuai dress code.

Mau shalat Ied pakai mukena yang bagus, shalat di rumah dengan alasan "adem" pake mukena belel? Aduuuh, bagaimana ukuran kepantasan dress code diri kita?

Pernah saya ditanya penata rambut langganan saya, "Bu, kenapa tiap hari Selasa dan Jumat ke salon nya sih?"
Saya sampaikan bahwa di hari tersebut saya khususkan untuk BERBAGI .. Yang merupakan ibadah bagi saya, saya pun ingin saat…

Four killed as powerful storm hits Japan. The biggest storm since 1959 hit Tokyo yesterday and I was stuck on a JR cart for 8 hours for it.

Tokyo, April 4th 2012.
We were stuck for 8 hours inside Japan Railway cart yesterday.. A storm with Sustained winds of 90 kilometers per hour hit Tokyo, it was the strongest since 1959.
They say it's very unusual for Tokyo to have such strong winds when there's not a typhoon.
The nation's two largest airlines, canceled nearly 300 flights, stranding more than 32,000 passengers.
Both airlines warned that international services may also be disrupted.Klik here for detail: were going back to Tokyo from Disneyland, it is already suspicious when the ticket counter guy crossing his hand and shout out Japanese words to me.. That usually signal for NO.. But what do I know?? A simple Konichiwa or Gosenmasai I might understand. But not what he was saying..And there we are.. I found myself sitting quietly and calmly for 5 hours..
Yes.. Calmly.. So is my 9 year old daughter. With all due respect for Japan people, I cant understand how acceptance they are to any sit…

Sakura Blossom or Ramen Blossom ?

Our Japan Trip is just right in the corner. I am super excited about it. It is my first time traveling just with my daughter and my mom.

This will be my 2nd Japan Trip. I remember my mom took me to Tokyo back in 1998. It was on August. So we did missed the Sakura's Bloom.. And this time around, hopefully I will get to lay down under Sakura Trees and twit about it.. Hahahahaaa..

Anyway, the other thing that we are going to hunt down is Japan Food. So here is our must eat that I've been googling for the past week :
One of the more popular ones is in front of Shinjuku West Exit. This is a highly recommended ramen chain –it has a huge following and you can expect to stand in a long line during lunch time and dinner time : RAMEN TOKYO
Check out  this site too : 2011 Best Ramen Tokyo

Chuka Soba Inoue serves one and only one type of ramen, which is the soy-based ramen. It was such an authentic experience. The store is located at the front of market where other venders a…
Nijo CastleBuilt in 1626, the flatland Nijo Castle consists of two concentric rings of fortifications, each consisting of a wide moat and a wall with several gates. Buildings within the castle include the Ninomaru Palace, the ruins of the Honmaru Palace and various support buildings and gardens. The 35,000 square foot Ninomaru Palace consists of five connected separate buildings, constructed almost solely of Hinoki cypress, covered in elaborate carvings, golf leaf and other decorations intended to show off the power and wealth of the shoguns. The smaller Honmaru Palace features living quarters, entrance halls, reception and entertainment rooms and a kitchen area – all connected by corridors and courtyards, built in the style of the late Edo period. The grounds also include gardens with cherry and Japanese plum trees. 

Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji)

This Zen Buddhist temple in northern Kyoto is one of the 17 monuments of the Historic Monuments of Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage…