40 Days Without #Ardy #anakKANKER

All the things I should have done, while you were alive.. 40 days without #ardy #anakKANKER

• Spending more time with you.
• Listen to you more.
• Make origami crane with you.
• Told you "It's ok to stop fighting, it is your fight anyway. And I will be ok without you. But I will miss you."
• I should tell you "I CARE." 5 x a day.
• Mall hopping as you wish.
• Slap that creepy bold guy for making your live miserable during your stay at the hospital.

Thank you for allowing me to CARE. I know you are in a better place right now, and have you have your face back now. I MISS you so much, dek..

Ina Madjidhan
April 5th 2013


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