Day Four. Part Two.

I've been fighting with anxiety attack for many years. And last year was the worst time of my life. But these last few days I've learn that if I want to conquer the anxiety of life, I have to live in the moment, live in the breath.

"What are we doing today?" I asked. 
"Just relaxing and enjoying the day." Kid replied.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?? *I was screaming on my mind. But appeared very calmly and gracefully* 

Hmm.. I guess I need to mastered this word RELAX.

My fingers was tapping very nervously on the table.. Alright then, I'll do my run. And I did. Up and down the hill. it gives me so much endorphine, AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RELAX?? *again, you won't see me screaming out loud about it*

Done with my run, I decided to swim. Happy with that decision, I smiled. They says when you smile, your body relaxes. TRUE.

And I did my cross words, eating my pistachios, sipping my drink, doing my yoga posses. And then we talked. Again, they says when you experience human touch and interaction, it eases tension in your body. TRUE.

Hell yeah! So this is what RELAX is.  It's not doing nothing. It's not idle. Relax is when you got so comfortable being with yourself or with someone's company. When You live in the breath. *breathing*


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