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"I survived seven years of domestic violence. The scars and bruises may have healed, but the trauma never really goes away. A dark cloud perpetually hangs above my head. I spend my days chasing that cloud away, from the moment I wake up. I adopted a healthy and active lifestyle to help me deal with depression. But it is truly through the kindness and generosity of my fellow runners and cyclists have I found enduring support. I have formed some of the strongest bonds I've ever formed in my life with people I have met in these vibrant, positive communities." -
Ina Madjidhan is a domestic violence survivor. She is a Pilates instructor and mum to Z, a sassy teenager with wisdom beyond her years. Ina is a familiar face on the local running and cycling circuit. She has done a number of distance running races, Audax and duathlon events. -
But Ina is most known for her charity work through #GerakanBerbagi (see www.gerakanberbagi.com) a movement she founded in 2010. This volunteer-run charity cares for the disadvantaged: feeding the homeless and urban poor, funds foster programs and scholarships for orphaned children, cares for children with cancer by bringing them laughter and support, alleviates poverty in remote Indonesia through engaging communities and more. Ina's energy and desire to give and care is truly boundless. -
Ina has spoken candidly about domestic violence and she has also opened up about suffering from depression. Making a public admission about depression is a societal tabboo, and therefore doing so is a testament of her courage and strength. Through social media, Ina relentlessly campaigns for her fellow sufferers to overcome denial and seek treatment and support, all the while continuing her personal battle against depression.-
This month, we are featuring some of the fiercest female cyclists in town to celebrate the month of #Kartini #bulanperempuan - because the modern Indonesian woman rides a bicycle! -
Thanks you my dearest @wcc.indo fellow women.. I am proud and lucky to be among you all. Not a day passed by without me saying grace to GOD for a past filled with wonderful lesson, and I do believe I've become a better person because of all my struggles. Life is about growing, adapting, changing, learning and moving forward. And I am all those above. Do remember to stay humble, kind and generous with your love. Ina Madjidhan


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