Don't settle for any kind of abusive behavior.

I was in this situation for almost 13 years, thinking that as long as someone doesn't lay a hand on me despite all the hurtful words & disrespectful behavior, it is OK.

It is NOT OK. I was broken in pieces emotionally, I didn't know how I managed to recovered and be this person today. But I did. With the help of my GOD, my supporting family and friends & my own strong will.

I've been socializing about domestic abuse in general since last year, don't be ashamed and hide yourself if you're happen to be in that kind of relationship, seek for help, get yourself out from that situation. NO BODY DESERVED TO BE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP.
It has been a year since I let myself free.

Today, I am stronger, a little bit wiser, and I learnt about self respect during my struggle time.
I'm sending out prayer for all domestic violence survivors and victims, may ALLAH gives you strength and help you to free yourself. Aamiin.

Ina Madjidhan


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