Put Our Broken Pieces Together.

When something breaks, We throw it away.

People have said that it’s part of the modern culture, our culture, that it’s the reason for everything from our divorce rate to our piles of trash. When something breaks, we throw it away.

In our culture of throwing-away, our society are filled with broken people hiding their scars in shame. Since this world is not always a safe place to show our ragged edges and search for healing, we metaphorically superglue ourselves back together and hope no one notices the growing cracks.

I truly believe that GOD will fills in our cracks and puts our broken pieces back together with something more beautiful and precious. That is why I'm not ashamed to bare my scars.

I wear my battle scars proudly, knowing that I've become a better person from it. 

Rather than trying to hide the flaws in my life, I make a pledge to highlight them in gold, baring the cracks and scars and adopting them as a part of my journey.

Ina Madjidhan


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