Cyclist Nod or Wave.

 I love the cyclist nod.

The nod is unique, it doesn’t necessarily happen only when someone is passing you, and you don’t have to be fully kitted out to get one. 
I personally perceive the nod as someone saying “Hello! You are pedaling a bicycle! I am also pedaling a bicycle! We understand each other. Hurrah!”.

Whenever I give a nod, I like to smile, though I realize not all nods are smiley. Some of them are short and curt, (usually when you are on the downhill and the nod-instigator is on the uphill) and I perceive they sound like this– “Hullo. Legs hurt. You feel me? Carry on.” Those are good because we’ve certainly all been there before.

Then there are those folks with aero helmets who probably can’t nod because that would be creating air resistance. 
I envision they are nodding in their heads, and they are saying this– “Pedal pedal pedal pedal cadence matters power meter number I’m going to get a KOM for this pedal pedal Hello/Bonjour/Ciao Old Chap pedal pedal need more power pedal.” 

The moral of this story? 
It’s nice to be a part of a community, be it for social or fitness/competition’s sake.

Regardless of how individual a sport may seem, (and most of my friends says I do individual sport but strangely I love being in a community) it’s always better with friends.

Give me a nod or a wave whenever you see me on the road, will you? 


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