Why do we cry?

I don’t like crying. It makes me feel crazy and needy and overly emotional. It’s awkward and ugly, and I’d prefer that nobody, even myself, ever sees that side of me. So I avoid doing it at all costs. 

But sometimes inevitably I do burst in tears. There was nothing cute about it. It was the kind of heaving, snot-everywhere, physically-convulsing sort of cry. Yuck. Yuck..

Well, the process wasn’t pretty. But you know what happened after? I felt really, really, really, REALLY good.

I finally let myself be so sad that I got to be really happy again. 

*Crying is a sign of how much you care.
Crying tends to follow a triggering moment. As embarrassing as it might be to cry in front of someone else, it’s often the most effective way of showing how much you care. Well maybe not for the other person, but for myself. 

*Crying feels good.
Possibly more important than anything else, crying feels f*cking good. 
Bottling up your feelings for long enough can actually start to hurt. 
Crying takes that load right off of your shoulders. 
You need to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling before you can even think about being honest with somebody else.

* Crying makes me human.
feeling anything on a visceral level. 
A good crying sesh is the best reminder that you are a living, breathing HUMAN.

I AM. 
December 29th 2015


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