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Look at things differently

Looking at things differently.. From now on, I will never expect, never assume and never demand. I'm going to just let it be.  Because if its meant to be, it will be.

Doa Pagi

#doaPagi Dear RABB, give me a strength to never give and to always find a way to make my dreams  happen.

True Colour

The best thing about the worse time of your life is that you got to see the true colours of everyone. Yes indeed. 

My Heart & Other Black Holes

My heart and the other black holes.  A novel from my dearest friend.
Aku nyambung banget sama buku ini, many time I found myself in a very dark place. By doing social works, sport and art it is my way of grappling with those emotions.
During my journey on the darkest part of my life, I found people who understand me, ALL OF ME.  Even the scariest and weirdest part of me. No condition apply. People who come into my life when I least expect it, in the strangest ways. People who I used to call stranger. People who help me to see myself differently.  I learn the importance of letting people in, of opening up to them.  I LEARN THE TRUE POWER OF HUMAN CONNECTION.
I learn to reach out for help, and I learn to reach out to those who need my help. I encourage people with depression to speak up, it is the path to recovery.
I hope my stories that I have been sharing to all of you will remind you of the people in your life who matter.  Hold them dear, be kind to them, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT LIFE IS FRAGILE. 

Something That Keep Me Going.

Hal-hal yang membuatku bertahan dalam keadaan kesempitan. Terima kasih dari lubuk hati yg terdalam.

Doa Pagi 19/05/2015

Start training my clients again today, Alhamdulillah .
TUHAN YANG BAIK, berikanlah kami rezeki halal yg berlimpah. Agar kami tidak hanya mampu mencukupi kebutuhan kami, namun juga mampu membahagiakan orang tua, anak-anak kami dan mereka yang papa dengan kelimpahan rezekiMU itu. Jauhkan kami dari sifat pelit, YA RABB. Aamiin

Doa Pagi 18/05/2015 Fatherless Children

Suka bgt liat photo kawanku babe Dijeeh sama anaknya Mika. Can't help but to think how lucky Mika is. Pls sampaikan ke Mika ya Babe Dijeeh :
"Mika, kamu harus bersyukur. Hal2 seperti inilah yg putriku Z gak akan mengalami karena ia gak memiliki sosok seorang ayah. I am happy for you and any other child who have a father figure in their lives. Alhamdulillah" 
TUHAN YANG BAIK, Mampukan anak-anak kami yang kehilangan figur ayah dalam hidupnya, untuk tetap bisa tumbuh layaknya anak-anak lain yang tetap bisa bercanda & mencurahkan isi hati mereka pada sosok laki-laki yang seharusnya mendampingi mereka. Mampukan mereka melupakan pengalaman2 buruk yg telah mereka lewati karena absennya ayah mereka dlm hidup mereka ini. Jadikan mereka pribadi yang tegar, dengan kelembutan hati luar biasa  juga welas asih pada sesama. 
TUHAN, jadikan kawan2 kami yang laki-laki sebagai laki-laki yg baik dan bertanggung jawab, agar menjadi figur yang baik di mata anak-anak kami yang kehilan…

Look your demon in the eye..

Look your demon in the eye..
My demon is within myself.  My demon doesn't hide under my bed.  I see my demon every time I look at my reflection in the mirror. My fears.  My own self-destructive nature.  It is the worst part of mine when I face-to-face with my worst times. The demon is me!
But then I realize, demons are like obedient dogs, they come when they are called. 
These days, I stop fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now. You shall obide to me!!

A Good Fall

Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand. In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life:  IT GOES ON. It doesn't matter what you've been through, IT GOES ON. As a single parent, domestic abuse survivor, a working woman and a social worker, I've been through what most people have. Nothing so dramatic about it, that just how life is. It gives us a good falls, so we know where we stand. Better in every way. I never regret anything in my life. I treasure every bittersweet experiences. It makes me who I am today. 
Ina Madjidhan

Just be okay.

Just be okay..