Boredom Busting On Bike Trainer Session

As much as I love it : indoor bike workouts can be painfully boring. But here, you're going to discover three indoor bike trainer workouts that get you excited to train and will make time fly by like it's standing still.

•Boredom-Busting Workout 1: "The Big Game"
Thank GOD yesterday fight between Lawler vs Condit was really good.
 I'm a big an of UFC and boxing, the fight usually on Sunday, so, Sunday is always a good time for long hours of bike trainer session.

•Boredom-Busting Workout 2: "The Pyramid"
You start with the longest, toughest parts of the workout that require the greatest amount of mental and physical focus. It goes like this:

5 to 10 minute warm-up
10 minutes hard, tempo effort
2 minutes easy
9 minutes hard, tempo effort
2 minutes easy
8 minutes hard, tempo effort

*I just gound this on the internet, and will give it a try, but the thing is, I'm doing up to 5 hours on bike trainer. I managed to do 3 hours so far, though.. FYI I did 300km, 16 hours cycling on AUDAX Yogyakarta and this training is my attemp to cut the time much shorter on my next AUDAX. 

•Boredom-Busting Workout 3: "4-On-1-Off Movie Workout"

60 seconds hard—at the maximum sustainable pace I can hold for one full minute. Then I keep 4 minutes at an easy pace attempt to keep pedaling  RPM high. Then I do the 60 seconds hard again. I always do the 60 second hard periods in standing position.
That above, during a dvd marathon usually work for me.

OK Lets do it!! Train harder, AUDAX  easy! 


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