Missing Piece Finding Big O

Dear Big O,
Thank you for helping me be a better person, love you so much. 😘😘


The missing piece sat alone… 
Waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere. 
Until came along the Big O.
"I was hoping that perhaps I could roll with you..." said the missing piece.
"You cannot roll with me," said the Big O, "but perhaps you can roll by yourself."
“But I have sharp corners,” the missing piece offers half-incredulously, half-defensively. “I am not shaped for rolling.”
With that, the Big O rolls off, leaving the missing piece alone once more, but, this time, with an enlivening idea to contemplate.

The missing piece goes “liftpullflopliftpullflop” forward, over and over, until its edges begin to wear off and its shape starts to change. Gradually, it begins to bounce instead of bump and then roll instead of bounce — rolling, like it always dreamt of doing with the aid of another, only all by itself.
When the missing piece becomes its well-rounded self, the Big O emerges, silently and without explanation. 
Now the two are seen rolling side by side.

A gentle reminder that the best relationships don’t complete us but let us grow and become more fully ourselves.


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