A meaningful little things.

Little things make a big difference.

Running down with my runny nose to get my coffee and breakfast at @thefinalstepcafe 

I was making a comment yesterday that their almond latte doesn’t taste as usual.

Turn out they ran our of their usual almond milk.

This morning as I enter their door the barista was saying “you got nothing to worry today, we got back our almond milk.”

Small things like this, just like when you’re tapping your phone giving someone a like, love or smile or whatever emoticon on their social media, it what makes our day. Knowing that someone takes the time just to give a little attention, we all should realize how big of an impact it does to whoever is receiving it.

The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things ; a “thank you”, a “little attention”, a “little favor”, a “little hug”, a “little kiss”.

Thank you, my friends for your little attention.

You got only 2 choices in life : STAY KIND OR BE KINDER.

It is easy.


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