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#throwback 2 years ago.Moved back with my mum since my father just passed away and I was just had my divorce finalized. I remembered my daughter and I was sleeping on the floor just because we didn't have furniture yet and I don't want to use any of my old furnitures. I cut my hair short after 25 years keeping my hair long. Throw away or give away most of my things. It was like I want to start everything new.But then I realize, starting over is not as simple as cutting my hair or moving out from my old house. The damage that happen to ourselves are leaving a permanent scars. It might fade away in time, but it's there. Always will. Starting new is not a way to lives with this kind of scars, acceptance is the answer. Those scars made us who we are today, a stronger and better person. I was on that GOD's blueprint, as moslem we call it fate or destiny. It was meant to be. And it was good for my soul.