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Perfectly Imperfect

I love this photo because it’s so real. (Most of us will notice straight away about what’s so real about this pfoto). 
You know these days especially in social media or digital world,  it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s real, what’s been digitally altered and what’s just plain ol’ fake. We keep on asking ourselves are they just altered? Or is it the case of a really good filter? How come her hair is always perfect? What about her well toned abs? She must have a perfect life because she’s traveling all the time. We envy someone’s life because it looks like they have all the material things in the world.
But here is a little advice I give myself, it might work for you too: STOP COMPARING yourself to anyone, even if they are for real. We are all unique and living an exquisite path. Perfectly imperfect. That is what we are. I am proud of my still a bit flabby tummy because I work hard for it, my grey hairs here and there a sign of (hopefully) maturity, my skinny and vainly hands (lots…