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Its time to turn the volume down.

As I tried to enjoy my yummy bagel and delicious coffee @thefinalstepcafe and TRYING to hear what my husband is saying (unsuccessfully) .. I thought “Australian, just like Indonesian are loud as hell.” There’s these 6 women sitting in a communal table, every one of them talking at the same time. Everyone wants to be heard. 
If I think back to most restaurants or cafe I visited during my trip in Europe, what struck me was that while conversation was important to the meals, the shared space of the restaurant was equally respected. Plenty of people were talking, mind you, it was just that they were talking quietly because they wanted to make sure their companions could hear them.
Maybe, our (Indonesian and Australian) loudness has a lot to do with actual space. Compared to Europe, we have a tonne of it. 
I used to blame Americans for being a rowdy, talkative bunch, but as anyone who has ever tried to be heard in a small cafe or sit in quiet on public transport (but then the person next to y…
This post is about me. Not you. It is about me changing the way I live my life with my gadgets and my social media. I love the internet technology and since the beginning of FB and Twitter I’ve been hooked to social media posting my social works, my personal life and all the nonsense in this world. And then there comes #instagram and Path and Snapchat and the list keep going on. But not so long ago I asked myself, “Is it turning me into someone that I like?” I boldly say : NO, I DON’T LIKE WHAT I’VE BECOME. And what it turn my love one’s, my daughter and my friends into. We constantly busy checking our phone, busy taking photo, posting live story, there’s always something going on : emails, sms, something is happening somewhere that we feels the need to share that news. We order food and we need to take photo of it first, and the food get cold and it doesn’t taste as good, and we don’t care. As long as we get that 1 or more good photos to share on our social media. The saddest thing i…

Anak Gadisku

Untuk anak gadisku @zahrawang 
“Di mana kau tumbuhkan jiwamu?" Seseorang bertanya.Kujawab, "Di tempat-tempat kebaikan berada, terutama pada mata dan kalbu anak gadisku.”
Semoga anak gadisku paham, hidupnya tidak sekedar sekolah, kerja, menikah dan punya anak. Harapanku besar padanya agar ia BERBAHAGIA.Aku tidak khawatir akan nilai sekolahnya, karirnya atau apakah ia akan beranak pinak nanti. Doaku berbenang merah untuk kebahagiaannya.
Iya, BAHAGIA. Satu kata.
Ina MadjidhanJanuari, lima, duaribu delapanbelas.

Take care of ourselves.

To take care of ourselves is not a selfish thing to do. It's great that we can listen and be a shoulder to someone, but what about when someone doesn't need only a shoulder? What if they need the arms or something like that? What if they need more? We can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of ours and think that counts as love. We just can't. We have to do things. 
Ina Madjidhan January 5th 2018