This post is about me. Not you. It is about me changing the way I live my life with my gadgets and my social media. I love the internet technology and since the beginning of FB and Twitter I’ve been hooked to social media posting my social works, my personal life and all the nonsense in this world. And then there comes #instagram and Path and Snapchat and the list keep going on. But not so long ago I asked myself, “Is it turning me into someone that I like?” I boldly say : NO, I DON’T LIKE WHAT I’VE BECOME. And what it turn my love one’s, my daughter and my friends into. We constantly busy checking our phone, busy taking photo, posting live story, there’s always something going on : emails, sms, something is happening somewhere that we feels the need to share that news. We order food and we need to take photo of it first, and the food get cold and it doesn’t taste as good, and we don’t care. As long as we get that 1 or more good photos to share on our social media. The saddest thing is, I nagged my daughter about  constantly being on her phone WHILE I WAS CONSTANTLY ON MY PHONE. I forget that our children live by example. And I didn’t listen to her when she talk to me because I was holding my phone pretending that I was listening while I nodded my head. I am truly sorry @zahrawang and to whoever experienced that moment with me.. I decided to change the way I embrace the internet technology and how my gadgets shifted aside what is important in my life : YOU. That real person in front of me. #inawiro 


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