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Its time to turn the volume down.

As I tried to enjoy my yummy bagel and delicious coffee @thefinalstepcafe and TRYING to hear what my husband is saying (unsuccessfully) .. I thought “Australian, just like Indonesian are loud as hell.” There’s these 6 women sitting in a communal table, every one of them talking at the same time. Everyone wants to be heard. 
If I think back to most restaurants or cafe I visited during my trip in Europe, what struck me was that while conversation was important to the meals, the shared space of the restaurant was equally respected. Plenty of people were talking, mind you, it was just that they were talking quietly because they wanted to make sure their companions could hear them.
Maybe, our (Indonesian and Australian) loudness has a lot to do with actual space. Compared to Europe, we have a tonne of it. 
I used to blame Americans for being a rowdy, talkative bunch, but as anyone who has ever tried to be heard in a small cafe or sit in quiet on public transport (but then the person next to y…